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Our service is tailored to the needs of small businesses like yours. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, our simulation will help everyone on your team

stay safe and secure—and protect your organization from the costly consequences of phishing attacks Organizations of all sizes and types can benefit from the full-service security consultation offered by Chiron Phish. We take a comprehensive look at an organization’s business and how to handle the most crucial security issues, from planning to testing to remediating.

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We will provide you with a full package simulation that includes:


A thorough analysis of your organization's current phishing defenses

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A report outlining the gaps in your current defenses

Detailed Plan

A detailed plan for how we will fix those gaps (including when we need extra time)

Q&A Session

A Q&A session after the simulation where all parties have time to ask questions and discuss any issues that arose during the course of our work together

Let’s break the barrier and achieve more cyber confidence

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However,Chiron phish gives you tips on how to recognize emails

These include:


The message uses subdomains, misspelled URLs (typosquatting) or otherwise suspicious URLs.

The recipient uses a Gmail or other public email address rather than a corporate email address.

The message includes a request to verify personal information, such as financial details or a password.

The message is poorly written and has spelling and grammatical errors.

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